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Andre’s 35+ years industry experience are currently appearing in:


Andre heads up FITTERPIPER ENTERTAINMENT, an entertainment-based production company focusing on young independent filmmakers, new concepts from industry veterans, experimental/innovative digital concepts, and short films, with access to a roster of production professionals. 


André worked with some of film & television’s greatest, appearing in over 100 commercials, numerous television dramas, comedies, movies-of-the-week, and feature films over the course of his childhood. Andre continues to act today, gravitating toward quirky/statement films and voiceover.


Only three episodes in and already booked for multiple festivals, Andre co-hosts a brand new podcast, SQUADCAST W/RYAN + ANDRE, with Monster Squad co-star Ryan Lambert. Each episode is an unedited, uncensored, and unapologetic look at all things entertainment (industry) and then some. 

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Miami (via Skype) Monster Squad Q+A 4/28/17

Spooky Empire Weekend 4/21-3/17

Shockwaves Podcast 4/20/17

Horrorhound Weekend 3/10/17

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