André Gower

Producer / Writer / Actor / Speaker

Creator + Host of Nerdist’s SHORT ENDS, 
premiering on the ALPHA Channel 6/24/17

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André heads up FITTERPIPER ENTERTAINMENT, an entertainment-based production company focusing on young independent filmmakers, new concepts from industry veterans, experimental digital concepts, and short films, with a roster of production professionals. André’s latest creation, SHORT ENDS, premieres on Nerdist’s ALPHA Channel June 26, 2017.


André worked with some of film & television’s greatest in over 100 commercials, television, movies-of-the-week, and feature films before the age of 18. André gravitates toward quirky/statement films, hosting, and voiceover today; check out his new show (co-hosted with Monster Squad’s Ryan Lambert), SHORT ENDS (Season 1), on Nerdist’s ALPHA Channel.


Having already appeared live at Chattanooga Film Festival with guests like David Zucker and Adam Green, André created and co-hosts SQUADCAST W/RYAN + ANDRE, a lauded podcast with his Monster Squad co-star Ryan Lambert. Each episode is an unedited, uncensored, and unapologetic look at all things entertainment (industry) and then some. 

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Dark Delicacies MONDO signing 6/10/17

Nightmare on Elm Street 3 LIVE Commentary w/Heather Langenkamp 6/3/17

Wizard World / Horrorfest Philadelphia 6/1-4/17

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