Andre GowerAndré  entered Hollywood at five years old; he would be cast in over 100 commercials, television shows, print work, and movies both local and national.

He followed in the footsteps of his sister, Carlena (The Towering Inferno, One Day at a Time), often “auditioning for the same part, which is how I got into it,” he says.

André also spent time in soap operas, playing Derek on Days of Our Lives and Brooks Prentiss on The Young & the Restless.

Other primetime television shows followed: Night Court, Highway to Heaven, T.J. Hooker,The New Twilight ZoneMy Two Dads, Hogan Family, Mr. Belvedere, Remington Steele, Knight Rider, A-Team, and many more. He would work with contemporaries and mentors alike, including the legendary George C. Scott, Madeline Kahn, Fred Astaire, and Piper Laurie.

André also appeared in several movies with stars like Jane Seymour and Fred Astaire, and headlined his own movie, The Monster Squad (a cult classic that sells out 25 years later at retro screenings nationwide); shortly thereafter he starred for two years in his own TV series (Mr. President) as part of a custom development deal created by Johnny Carson.

André was on every cover of the teen magazines and was a focal fixture on the teen star set throughout his childhood; at 18, André had two choices ahead of him. He retired from Hollywood to pursue the college experience and college basketball, a lifelong love. He would play point guard for UNC-Asheville and Louisburg College, training under legendary coach Enid Drake. After earning a degree in Journalism/Communications, André became a journalist/sportswriter.

He splits his time between North Carolina, Las Vegas, and Los Angeles. His company, CinemaSouth, LLC, help actors and others in the entertainment industry with production, acting workshops, one-on-one mentoring, websites for industry professionals, and consulting.