About André Gower

André has worked with some of film & television’s greatest: George C. Scott, Fred Astaire, Madeline Kahn, Piper Laurie, and William Shatner, to name a few. Working alongside icons and mentors gave André invaluable industry skills, leading to continued success on classic prime-time favorites such as The Hogan Family, T.J. Hooker, Night Court, The A-Team, The New Twilight Zone, Night Court, Mr. Belvedere, and others that remain in syndication around the world today.

In his youth, André was cast on many top-rated daytime shows, such as The Young & the Restless, Days of Our Lives, and General Hospital. He also appeared in numerous television shows and “Movies of the Week” with co-stars like Jane Seymour and Fred Astaire.

In 1987, he was cast as the lead in the cult-classic The Monster Squad, written by Shane Black (Lethal Weapon, Iron Man 3) and Fred Dekker (House, Night of the Creeps). Thirty years later, that film is screened worldwide to loyal fans at least once a month.

André was then cast as George C. Scott’s son in Mr. President, one of the first, original series on the new FOX network. After two seasons, he joined the cast of the hit sitcom The Hogan Family (starring Jason Bateman and Sandy Duncan). He spent his teen years involved in various Hollywood productions and charity events.

All told, André appeared in over 100 commercials, numerous television dramas, comedies, movies-of-the-week, and feature films over the course of his childhood. Upon graduating high school, André left Hollywood to play for legendary college basketball coach J. Enid Drake at Louisburg College before being recruited to play at UNC-Asheville, where he graduated with a Bachelor’s in Mass Comm/Journalism and went into sports writing for several years.

Today, André spends his time writing, developing, and producing projects through his own and partner production companies, meeting fans at screenings and conventions, producing events, speaking for film classes and podcasts, golfing, basketball, and investing in real estate.