April 21, 2015

Atari: Game Over

Yes, it’s been brought to my attention by some eagle-eyed folks that you can spot me in the documentary Atari: Game Over, which documents the urban legend of the Atari video game E.T. and its burial in a landfill in New Mexico after dismal sales and its unofficial title, “The Worst Video Game of All Time.”

I did the commercial for E.T. The Video Game, a snippet of which is seen in the documentary. The full commercial is below. You can check out Atari: Game Over on Showtime or Netflix, and it’s a great look at how – and why – E.T. was, well, so bad.

Sidenote: I’ve never actually played E.T.! This commercial was filmed long before the game was released. I am pretending to play any old game on a green screen. The images of E.T. as a video game were added in post once the game was released.