December 14, 2014

SEEMS LEGIT (I really had some of you going)


Had a great time joining Ed “The Salad Czar” Salazar (@EdASalazar) and Kristen Studard at Seems Legit’s December show at The Nerdist Showroom @ Meltdown Comics December 12.

Some of you in the crowd really thought I was the liar! I take that as a compliment…of my storytelling skills *wink*. However, I cannot tell a lie: that gross-out story that put a lot of your hands over your ears was 100% truth.

The premise: a group of us guys and gals tell a story following a theme (December: “Home for the Holidays”). The more outlandish, the better. in fact: one of us is lying, and the rest of us are doing our best to sound that way. Which one of us is full of it?

Thanks to my cohorts for the night for bringing some great stories to the stage: Anna Seregina, H. Alan Scott, Brendon Small, and Dave Ross. The comedic musical stylings of Erin and Melissa were hilarious.

I’ll be back soon! Til then, check them out!!

Twitter: @SeemsLegitShow