How did André grow up among the same issues and perils facing child, teen, and adult actors today – and come out of it with a college degree, friends he trusts, and as normal as they come?

With 38 years in entertainment –  producing, acting, directing, writing, representing, developing, and teaching – André knows how some like himself stay level-headed in such an unstable industry while others go down the wrong path.

André has shared this knowledge with film students (what breaking into the industry really involves), momagers (an unflinching look at how easily they can derail their child’s career without knowing it), and even seasoned actors (who need customized attention to help build the right team, manage their finances, personal branding, and keep the right mindset in regards to networking and game plans).

André provides in-depth, honest accounts of the industry and its effects on most of the people who “step off the bus.”

André works with individuals, groups, theatres, talent agencies, athletic and drama departments, and others who want to discover the secrets to capitalizing on entertainment career opportunities while avoiding not-so-common pitfalls that ruin careers overnight.

Topics include but are not limited to

  • How to properly read your sides – both in preparation and for the audition
  • Understanding industry jargon
  • How to be a beneficial ‘momager’
  • Understanding residuals, buyouts, and how to negotiate for now and for the future
  • How to recognize if your child is falling under the influence
  • “Why didn’t I get the part?” – how to differentiate rejection from mistakes you could have avoided
  • Understanding child labor laws
  • Screen Actor’s Guild – what it is and when/if you should join
  • How to handle a red carpet like a star
  • Accepting your ‘look’ – and using it to your advantage
  • Restyling your brand without going through The Machine
  • The Boardroom Perspective: How a movie really gets made
  • Handling press: controlling the interview while making the press love you

Where will he speak?

  • College or community college drama departments
  • High school or youth drama classes
  • Panels
  • Film Festivals
  • On-air/talk radio
  • Youth Theatres
  • Talent Agencies
  • Independently-produced workshops
  • Workshops as part of festivals (i.e. film)