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André has had the honor of working with people like Fred Astaire, Madeline Kahn, Piper Laurie, George C. Scott, Jane Seymour, Merlin Olsen, Michael Landon, William Shatner, John Larroquette, Jason Bateman, Paul Reiser, Mr. T., Roberts Blossom, Shane Black, Howie Mandel, Peter Scolari, David Hasselhoff, Pierce Brosnan, Ricky Nelson, Christina Applegate, Cyndi Lauper, Sandy Duncan, and more.

His 100+ commercials range from Hershey’s Syrup (with Messy Marvin himself), Nike, Atari, Frosted Flakes, AlphaBits, and more.

We keep this page updated, but sometimes a video is deleted in between checkups.

The Changeover
2013 | André Gower, Estes Tarver

The New Twilight Zone
“The Burning Man”
1985 | André Gower, Piper Laurie, Roberts Blossom
Based on a short story by Ray Bradbury

Night Court
“walk, Don’t Wheel”
1985 | André Gower, John Laroquette

The A-Team
1984 | André Gower, Mr. T

The Man in the Santa Claus Suit
1979 | André Gower, Fred Astaire, Bert Convy

Mr. President
“Language Barrier”
1987-1989 | George C. Scott, Madeline Kahn, André Gower

Mr. President
“Dear Sam”
1987-1989 | George C. Scott, Madeline Kahn, André Gower

Obsessed With a Married Woman
1985 | André Gower, Tim Matheson, Jane Seymour

Mr. Belvedere
“Paper Mill”
1989 | André Gower, Brice Beckham

Circus of the Stars
1983 | André Gower, Tracey Gold
Now this was a cool vid and is sadly no longer on the YouTube! Maybe again one day.

Highway to Heaven
“Catch a Falling Star”
1986 | André Gower, Michael Landon, Victor French

“The Problem of the Passing Parade”
1986 | André Gower